Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Link: Facing My Fears

It's easy to talk about courage when you don't need it.  But I think it's also true that we draw on courage more than we think we do.  I work with preschoolers.  I see some of them at the beginning of the year.  The ones who come with tears (either silent or very loud).  Little by little, as they get comfortable at school, they start to come in smiling.  I love seeing that process.  And in that process they've learned that they can face something that's scary and come out on the other side with confidence to face the next thing.  I clicked on the following link on facebook today and it resonated with me.  What is it they say?  Courage isn't the absence of fear; it's doing it anyway.  (Or something like that)

Facing My Fears

Friday, January 9, 2015

Only Praying

All I can do is pray

 How many times do I say that with a shrug and a feeling like I'm just not doing anything?  I am not a bold person.  I do not storm gates.  I do not tell people like it is.  I do not go in with guns blazing or let someone have it.  Sometimes that is a fault.  Sometimes that saves me from mistakes.  But sometimes you just want to fix something and you can't.  In my lack of worldly  boldness I often (always) turn to prayer.  I've come to a point where I don't feel in any way, like my prayers are just begging and whining to God to give me results.  I really feel like I'm standing in the gap.  Like I'm being an intercessor.  In my reading and studying about prayer, I've learned the words of warrior prayers.  Of spiritual warfare prayer.  Of powerful intercessor, casting out evil kind of prayer.  And only scratching the surface at that.  I am not a person who often (if ever) volunteers to pray out loud at Bible study, but in the privacy of my home I speak boldly, loudly before God and call on the name of Jesus in a way that would make people wonder who I am.  And so I do that now for a situation that is in my heart.  I do it every time I think of it.  Not always loudly of course.  That wouldn't always work.  Like while I'm falling asleep at night or serving snack at preschool.  I have lots to learn about prayer.  When I'm thinking about something that I want changed or am in a situation in which I am physically powerless to do anything, I'll find myself thinking those helpless thoughts of "all I can do is pray".  I feel embarrassed that I'm not doing something more.  Wondering if I'm just being lazy or timid and avoiding doing the actions of love and......action.  I feel a bit hesitant to even tell someone I'm praying for them because I don't want it to sound inactive or useless or lazy or cliche.  

But I gotta just fall back on my belief that there is huge power in prayer.  Huge.  I'm believing in God that prayer will open the prison doors.  That guarding angels will be sent in multitudes.  That God's spirit of power and love and a sound mind will triumph over every fear in every way.

The Bible says that the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.  And I'm counting on it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I'm watching the show on Lifetime about the girls who are becoming nuns.  Or are working towards that end or seeing if that life is right for them.  I've seen the advertisements for it and it piqued my interest.  I am always a little hesitant about any show on tv that is about Christianity because it could portray it very negatively.  I've only watched this one episode so far.

But actually the reason I'm writing is because of the bit of truth and wisdom that one of the older nuns presented.   She all the girls go with her to the home of lady who was unable to do much work around her house due to ailing health.  She said that she goes to this woman's house regularly and that one of the things she does is to make the woman's bed.  She makes this woman's bed once a week.

Now that really struck me.  Every week she makes the woman's bed.  We all know that a made bed gets unmade that very night.  And really a bed that's only made once a week and only for that short time?  It almost seems pointless right?  And yet, what a blessing and comfort on that one night for that woman to go into her bedroom to a bed that is all made up so nice and neat.  Now I am assuming that this is the day that sheets get washed and everything and so it makes sense that this kind nun would make the bed as well.  But even the job gets all undone that very night, this nun still does it with love.  And it's a blessing to the woman.  And it's done in the name of Christ.

Something the nun said was this: "Did you know God today...did you love God today...in your neighbor?"  That struck me because this is love in action.  It's not just talking about God's love or saying that He loves us.  It's about doing those things for others, even if it's the same task over and over again.  In the name of Jesus.  Because we are supposed to meet the needs of the people around who have needs.  Even if it's not pleasant or it seems pointless.